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I’ve always had a deep passion for helping others and I believe this comes from being in such pain in my life due to my traumas in the past. This pain has led me to study mental health peer work and eventually TRTP (The Richard’s Trauma Process).  I got such great results from this process and was so enthusiastic that I decided to train in it and help others.  I grew up in a very dysfunctional, abusive family, married and then divorced and did many different things but never really knew who I was and that I MATTER. I guess I was just a label that just went through life the best way I knew how.

I have now met a beautiful loving partner in which the first couple of years were amazing, but due to the baggage that we were both bringing into the relationship it started to get rocky.  We realised that we both wanted the same thing and that was to be together and happy.  We hadn’t dealt with our traumas and therefore we used to argue and trigger each other and cause each other pain.  Meg went through the process first and after I saw the change in her, I decided to do it as well.  We now rarely argue anymore and we have the tools to work through things if needed.  Once you remove all the baggage in your life, things become much easier in everything.

My life is VERY different now – it’s great. I feel relaxed, healthy, empowered and totally excited about my life. And I am SO passionate about helping others to find their own version of happiness and their authentic self.  TRTP can change lives by resolving emotional trauma in as little as three sessions, gently and effectively.  This cutting-edge process is changing lives and empowering people. TRTP has taught me about myself and that I no longer think that I am worthless and of no value.  It has made me calm and relaxed and I no longer trigger like I used to anymore.  My future is now whatever I want it to be rather than a prison sentence.

I have a unique ability to connect and create a safe space for people, is fearless when it comes to joining his clients in their darkest moments and to help them to be responsible for their own wellbeing.  My purpose is to help clients move from their pain, struggle and suffering towards health and well-being.  I achieve this by holding their hand and walking with them to the other side of their pain.

Clients tell me after TRTP they feel different, their anxiety and depression simply fell away, they feel happier and their capacity to handle what life throws at them is increased. My passion is to work with those of you who know that you deserve more in life than you are currently experiencing. Taking the first step is challenging and uncomfortable but not nearly as uncomfortable as staying stuck where you are now. You deserve more, we all do.


Hi, my name is Megan and I am 51 years of age.  I have been in a loving relationship with my partner Ryce for three years.  I have a beautiful life, a loving partner and I live by the beach in my dream unit.  Yet before TRTP, my past traumas did not allow me to feel happy and worthy of this beautiful life.  Things in my daily life triggered me and I used to mask my hurt and pain with excessive alcohol use and lash out and snap at my partner.  I just could not control it, I was so depressed and anxious, I felt so out of control.

I tried counselling and many other forms of therapy but nothing stopped me from triggering and re-living my past and putting my pain onto others because I couldn’t deal with it myself. It was so badly affecting my relationship and I didn’t want to lose the love of my life as we were both arguing a lot at this stage. I saw an article in a magazine in a café about TRTP therapy and thought why not, what have I got to lose.

This was the best decision of my life, it only took three sessions but let me tell you it was damn hard work as I had to face the traumas of my past and finally putting them to rest.  Alcohol does not control me anymore, now when I get stressed, I don’t reach for the bottle.  I just feel at peace and I don’t punish or blame myself anymore.  It’s magic how the traumas just disappear and how I am not a slave to them.

I don’t allow anyone to treat me unfairly as I have a voice now and I know that I MATTER.  I feel a lot happier inside and I can now accept my beautiful life because I deserve it.

TRTP therapy is truly amazing and I thank it so much for giving me back my life.  I get to choose how I live my life today, if I could describe how I feel in one word it would be peace.